Consume, Consume, Consume

I often wonder why “global warming” and other global problems aren’t tackled with a STOP CONSUMING angle.  Why are companies even permitted to design “planned obsolescence” into products?  Can’t we stop this at the corporate level? And what about all the useless, ugly trinkets that are sold by the billions?  I’d start by banning production of all holiday and party paraphernalia that is destined for the landfill within a month.  Well, I have a lot of ideas of how to fix the system (vote for me in the next campaign!), but right now I have two little boys hanging off of my arms and one that thinks he can help me type, so that’s all for now.  

Time for French lessons.

One last thing about the video, though, is that you might want to check out what Wikipedia says about the quote by Victor LeBow.  (I promise, it’s a lot shorter than this twenty minute video.)

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One Response to Consume, Consume, Consume

  1. Meagan says:

    How are your French lessons coming by the way?

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