Snow Romp and Face Painting

It was snowing already last night and some boys were not impressed with their stickler-mother when she didn’t let them go out and play in it.  I promised a snow romp for morning.

Here Toby discusses with Jaska the many exciting facets of snow.


And joy of joys, we were all out enjoying it.  I have to admit, everyone else was a lot more excited than I was.  To be completely honest, I was rather grumpy.   I think it might have been related to Toby being awake in my bed from midnight to 2am.   Two hours later the dog was barking.  He came into my room and everyone slept after that.  Whatever the case….  I wasn’t exactly cheerful.


The pond was beautiful.  We watched the wind free chunks of ice and snow from the branches, and they tossed their loads into the water below. 


The boys all ate their fill of snow.  Jaska pounced on unseen mice.  I laid down in the snow and closed my eyes.  The sun warmed my face. While hovering on the edge of consciousness, I let myself imagine we were on our own plot of land away from the city .  Toby threw snow on me.  I was pulled back to reality and wakefulness, but somehow I felt happier.

Our power went out before lunch so we made hot dogs on the BBQ, and then we went to the library.  We’ve been going to a drop in art class.  Zach has been the only one interested in participating and he’s done paper maché, clay sculpting, and paper mosaics.  The other boys play computer games, play with the toys, and read books.  This week was face painting and they did a reversal.  Zach had zero interest in having his face painted, painting his own face, or painting anyone else’s face.  He played computer games.  Gabriel, on the other hand, was looking forward to this art class all week!  As you can see, Toby also got involved.  He would have nothing of Gabe or I trying to paint his face.  He did his own!  

Voila!  It brought him such delight.  It really would have been a good thing to video tape.  Doesn’t he look proud of his canvas?

The buy that teaches the class painted Gabe as a snake first.

Ben had me paint his hands to be a crocodile.

Here they are showing off their “tattoos” that they got last weekend at the pioneer village. Who know the pioneers were into body art?  😉


Finally, Gabe washed off his snake face so that he could paint his own face.  He wanted to wash this off and do another, but by this point it was pretty clear that the tired, hungry littler boys needed to hit the road.

We had electricity by the time we got home.  Zach is always amazed at how much we depend on electricity when it goes out and every second thing we try to do is foiled by our lack of power!

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2 Responses to Snow Romp and Face Painting

  1. el burro says:

    oh yuck. Snow. I’m not quite ready for it yet. Good for you for having all the snow gear on hand. I’ve left that really late this year.
    Kind of glad, in a selfish way, to read of your grumpy mood. Makes me feel a bit better about some of mine.

  2. Meagan says:

    Ang gets grumpy? Our Ang? Nooooo, I don’t believe it!!! I second El Burro’s feelings about these grumpy moods lately. I’m sure it has to do with the weather.

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