Warning: This Post May Contain Creepy Crawlies

We had a big city adventure this weekend.  When Graeme got home on Friday we headed to Toronto.  We stayed with friends in the GTA.  On Saturday we went to a wood carving show and competition.  It was held at the Blackcreek Pioneer Village, which also had some other “Halloween” stuff going on.  The first thing the boys enjoyed was a haunted maze while we waited for the Creepy Crawly Show to start.  


Here is Zach letting Rose, the tarantula, walk across his hands.  Next, the guy asked for parent volunteers.  Against all of my better instincts, I put up my hand and was chosen.


Don’t I look happy waiting for my turn?  Really, I was thinking, “I hope I don’t throw it when it gets on my hands!” I know it’s hard to tell, but in the second photo the tarantula is walking across my hands!  Yes, I’m quite proud of myself.


Each animal he brought out got successively bigger and bigger.  Rose, the spider, was his smallest critter.  He ended off with this albino burmese python.  Of all of the animals, though, the one I would have been the most creeped out to hold was the tarantula.  And I did it! 



Here are the biggest boys (Tober’s was sleeping in the jogger) waiting to enter the R.O.M.  We went on Sunday and it was BUSY!  There was a great big line up to get tickets.  


We checked out the new diamond exhibit first, which was interesting, but as expected the dinosaurs were an all-around favorite.


All the boys held this big stick insect at the museum. 


I think Toby would have liked to get his hands on this spider.  


And here we are waiting for the subway.  The boys loved the subway ride.  Oh… Uncle Ade spent the day with us at the carving show/pioneer village, slept over at our friends’, and hung out with us for the whole museum thing.  That was fun!  

Back at A and S’s house we ate and then I hurried Graeme off to the airport.  I ended up taking a little tour in the opposite direction I needed to go after missing my exit, and I had visions of being lost all night in downtown Toronto, but I managed to get headed back in the direction I needed to go!  All was good.

So it was a full and fun weekend, not to mention all the good times with A and S.  The boys played with the coolest light sabers, Star Wars toys, games of Risk and chess with A, S, and Graeme.  On Saturday night after the kids were in bed the adults played Rock Band.  My first time…. I love the drums.  On Sunday night A and I introduced the boys to Rock Band. They played another song each this morning in practice mode, and then A and I had to play one Bon Jovi song to wrap it up and show them how it works when you play together.  Good times, good times.  We headed home after lunch.  We went straight to the kennel to get our pooch.  He was happy and the lady said he was so friendly and had a lot of fun.  He was “everybody’s buddy”.  He must have played hard because he’s been sleeping since supper time!  

That’s all folks.

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4 Responses to Warning: This Post May Contain Creepy Crawlies

  1. Andrea says:

    Wow, what a packed weekend!

    We went to the ROM in the summer. We had not planned to but we had Toronto City Passes so it was a great deal with the kids. I had no fond memories from my childhood of the ROM (no idea why), just remembered one word: boring.

    Well, I am so glad we went! Hands-on-Biodiversity! My kids are 11-1 years age and we all had a rocking great time!

    Thanks for bringing back a taste of summer 🙂 !

    (We had to wait on a weekday out on the sidewalk for AGES to get in…)

  2. cathy says:

    There is NO.WAY. I would touch that spider!!!!!

  3. el burro says:

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I’ve never been to the ROM, but the Science Center is really fun if you ever get back to Toronto. I guess there are SOME good things about a city…

  4. Joanna says:

    You are brave my sister!! I think I would have ended up shrieking and throwing it into the crowd….looks like a fun weekend!! I wish I could have been there!!

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