Extra Boys

From Sunday evening to Tuesday evening we had two extra boys.  They played hard.  It was fun for everyone and my boys were sad when it was time for them to leave.  It is great for these boys to have all gotten together and even greater – they will be moving here soon! 


The boys built tunnels and forts in an area of really tall grass behind the house.  They spent a lot of time playing there.  They didn’t want to come back for lunch so I took lunch to them.  At the time they were pirates.  The pirates took a break to eat lunch with me.


The pond and collecting a deserted, intact wasp nest.


On Tuesday morning we went to a corn maze with the homeschool group.   I was hoping it would be cancelled because the weather was not great!  I gathered all the jackets I could find to outfit all six boys.  When we got out of the van at the maze at least a couple said they wanted to go home.  I told them it would probably be better (less windy) in the maze.  Once we got in the maze they (two of them anyway) had to do all fourteen checkpoints!  (Etchings and hand-tracing animals.)  


It was just as cold and wet when we were done, but they must have all warmed up because they tried out most of the other activities.  We were the last vehicle to leave the lot!  




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One Response to Extra Boys

  1. Lana says:

    Can I just say that I want to be your kid? YOUR life is so full of LIFE! 🙂 I enjoy the investment you are making in them and love dreaming about the day when I can do that with my own 🙂 SO thankful you share your adventures with us 🙂

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