A House of Straw


Jaska loves his new straw bale house!  We had to pull him out to let Zach in to stuff the cracks with straw, and toss in the bedding.  As soon as he could he was back inside nestling down in his new house.  It is probably nostalgic for him! 


I’m so happy he has a nice house now.  It is getting colder.  He has been sleeping inside at night and being really good, but the odd night (like last night) he won’t settle.  Maybe it was because he wanted to be out in his house.  He really is a country dog and, of all reasons, getting the dog back to the country will be the reason I am most anxious to leave here.  I miss seeing him with full freedom, patrolling his borders!  


Here is Zach running out to greet Jaska this morning.

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One Response to A House of Straw

  1. Hilary says:

    Well how cool! The house of straw looks very very cosy for Jaska. Lovely pictures – really atmospheric.

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