Another Weekend

It’s hard to believe another weekend is here already and I haven’t even blogged about last weekend. The surest sign that I’ve neglected my blog is when my grandma phones to make sure we’re all doing well.  I got a message from her tonight.  (I’ll call you tomorrow Grandma!)


I have to do a little recap on last weekend because it was so great.  Grae was away from Friday to Sunday, which wasn’t the great part.  But when he got back on Sunday we had friends over for supper with their five kids and it was a hoot!  The kids had a riot.  And we adults had a great, encouraging, refreshing time as well.  To make it even more exciting we found out that these friends are moving back here very soon (much sooner than we – or they – thought).  Yay!

Above is a shot of the dads playing soccer with the bigger boys.

On Monday we visited a family that Grae lived with when he was in university here.  It was great to see everyone.  We then hopped in Mr. S’s train – yes, train – and drove around the neighborhood picking up a dozen more kids along the way.  I need a train!  

After a lovely lunch, and Graeme going home to get the dog, we headed out to their Christmas tree farm about an hour away.  The farm, by the way, is where the train usually resides.  


I’ve heard about the farm many, many times.  Graeme even worked there one year.  It was my first time seeing it.  The boys played on the tree house, we all went through the cedar maze, we climbed “Sand Mountain”…… and more.  They are very eager to go out again when the farm is open and in full operation – horse cart rides, bonfires, zip line, train rides, animals, etc.  


These pics are to give a sense of how big Sand Mountain is.



Here is a view of the Christmas trees at various stages and the gorgeous fall colours in the background.


The boys are looking for fish in the pond.  Again…. aren’t the colours beautiful?

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