More Pollywog in a Bog

Except for a few interruptions by me trying to prevent Gabe from correcting Ben’s mistakes or singing faster than him, this is a great video. My favourite part is right at the beginning of the video…. “Wwwwilllypads and weeds”!  I also love how he does all the parts and fades at the end.

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4 Responses to More Pollywog in a Bog

  1. sara says:

    Oh my goodness, Grandma must have just loved this. This is our favourite song on the CD. I can’t wait to show the girls Bens version. Great singing Ben!

  2. Meagan says:

    Ang…that’s so great to watch. I love how he’s talking on the phone (was there a real person on the other end or is it just a prop?)
    I noticed Ben sings all the “inbetween” parts like the “doo doo doo” part before the “Ribbit ribbit a tadpole exhibit” and the “amphibian change” intercessions! Graham does this too. So funny, he is a serious polliwog singer, I love how he says the word “Bog” with a capital “B”.

  3. Andrea says:

    It is true.

    My children miss much.

    We are ignorant of the Pollywogs in a Bog. Such rich culture escapes us.

    That is soooo cute!

    My kids are into this: they do their own rendition. Once I figure out how to make a video like this one, I promise, I will post it!!!

  4. grandma betty says:

    ahhhhhhh fond memories of hearing the song ceaselessly—-I still love the wiwwy pads and weaves part tooo—-we already talked about how he sings too low and has trouble reaching the end notes—-tooo cute—–these are the things you remember when they are 35—hope all are well–me

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