Fossil Hunters

The quarry.   It wasn’t necessary to use some of the tools we brought to chip away at the shale.  The fossils were plentiful in the clay.

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Gabe finding a fossil.  I love the expression.


Ben, looking very inquisitive. (Or bewildered, or confused, or something.)


Toby in his Carharts, digging with a hammer.  He had to get in there somehow.


At home cleaning the fossils.


Sketching fossils into his nature journal.


And the fossils – mostly coral, brachiopods, and crinoid stems and disks.


The big boys are already asking when we can go back.  It was fun.  I left the kids with Grandma for a while so that I could walk further along the river.  I came to a steep eroding bank and searched there, hoping to find a trilobite.  The fossils were everywhere, but I thought if I went farther downstream I might get to less picked-over fossils.  I did find some great brachiopod specimens, but unfortunatlely, not trilobites.  Maybe next time.  It was thought provoking to see this large area of deep sediment filled with ocean fossils.  Like the Buddy Davis kids’ song says, “If there really was a world wide flood, what would the evidence be?  Billions of dead things buried in rock that were layed down by water all over the earth.” 

This is what we saw.

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3 Responses to Fossil Hunters

  1. Way back when there was a couple pieces of mammoth ivory I was going to mail to you for the boys….unfortunately I lost it before I could. I now have found some more, but it is out at my camp on the Noatak river which, due to freeze up, I can’t get to for the next couple weeks. But now that I have more I WILL absolutely send them a couple pieces if you think that is something they would like to have.

  2. Angie says:

    They would absolutely love this!

    I’ll email you our new address. Thanks so much for thinking of them!

  3. K…sounds like a plan. I think I will be able to make it to camp in a couple weeks if it stays cold. I will let you know when I send it.

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