Going Back

On the Sunday through Friday leading up to our move a different friend helped out each day.  Most days someone came out with their kids and hung out with my kids for a couple of hours.  Some brought meals. One took my two little boys for an entire afternoon.  My mom-in-law was there for the entire week, packing and cleaning.  And my mom decided to come back to say goodbye again over the last weekend we were there.  After we hit the road on Monday morning my mom stayed on to oversee the movers loading things and do one last cleaning after they left.  She also took care of all those loose ends that inevitably ending up being there at the end of packing: the garbage, fridge stuff that couldn’t squeeze into the cooler, etc.  I was and am extremely thankful for all of these wonderful friends and family members who so generously gave of their time.  It helped out immensly and made the move manageable.  Thank you very, very much, Everyone!

Other historical possibly-boring events that I’ll mention:

  • I got the no-frost and then frost just before the move that I was praying for.  Then I forgot to pick the parsnips!
  • Another answered prayer was the movers arriving early.  The last I had been informed they were most likely arriving on Tuesday, if that.  On Monday morning I found out that they were showing up on Monday morning!
  • I took a kid to Emergency for the first time ever.  It was Gabe, on his birthday.  He had an earache and was wailing a lot even after pain meds. We were there two and a half hours.  They gave him more pain medication and a prescription.  He slept soundly all night and in the morning felt fine so we didn’t end up filling his prescription.
  • My African violets, arriving vibrant after a week in a box, are now suffering badly.  I never could keep African violets alive until the past two years.  My spider plants always had brown ends in Winnipeg and now they are getting them again.  Could it be the chlorinated water?  I know that none of us, including the dog, are able to drink it.
  • Jaska got sprayed by a skunk during our first week here.  The smell is still lingering, especially when he gets wet.
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