We’re Here

My dead-end-country-road boys have a lot of street-wise learning to do!  

Master bedroom and bath.

Master bedroom and upstairs bathroom.



Purple room and green room.  Big boys claimed the green room right away.  Little boys will have the purple room.








Main entrance and dining room with main entrance in the background.


 Kitchen/dining room viewed from living room and kitchen.

Living room.  Boys enjoying new library books.  Library card was one of the first things we got set up.


Zach has been delighted to find many land snails here – some living, some empty shells.  He took some great pictures with my camera.  In the picture on the right and on the left below you can see how under the weather everyone has been.  Considering how rotten everyone has been feeling (colds) we’ve done some exploring and biking.  Gabe even put on quite a few kilometers yesterday after throwing up.  Nobody else has thrown up.

Zach is jumping with a stick, trying to knock off a leaf at a rest stop area.  He wanted to save a leaf to help him identify the tree later.  The kid was overjoyed to watch the forests change.  He was counting maple trees (because they are his favourite kind of tree) and at the rest stop area he identified five different types of maples.


Again, at the rest stop – Ben tried out Grandma’s glasses and the other three boys explored the maple forest.  

Trip went well.  It was long.  There seemed to be more than usual pee, poo, and “I’m feeling like I’m going to throw up” breaks than usual. We gave three of the four boys gravol at various points during the first day.  We just drugged them up right after breakfast the next morning.  They probably would have been fine.  That first stretch of the journey was much more winding.  I always forget how rugged that terrain is.  Absolutely beautiful, and I’m sure treacherous in the winter.  Dog travelled marvelously.  Noah was snotty nosed and teething. On the first day (which was slow because of lots of construction) he barely slept, but he was surprisingly quiet.

There’s a beautiful little pond behind our house and an area of packed dirt where I think the kids will be able to do some off-roading on their bikes.  It will be a great place to explore and Jaska is able to do his usual field-frolicking while he’s back there.  He caught a mole near the pond this morning.  We have a new job added to our project list – pond clean-up.  

The gas had been disconnected to the house.  I think there was a misunderstanding.  I thought I just had to call and switch it over when I got here but it was already disconnected. Gas people told me it would be a week from yesterday to hook it up!  They bumped it up to tomorrow if I could give them all day access (so they can show up anytime).  I’ll definitely make sure I’m here.  I want hot water!  

The movers are arriving Saturday morning.  Only a couple more nights of camping-style sleeping!  

More to come…….

P.S. the phone number I gave out is not actually my phone number.  They gave me a totally different one when I got here. Not impressed.  So if you have tried to call that is why it’s not working.  I will send out an updated email soon.

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7 Responses to We’re Here

  1. Paisley says:

    even thought i hardly ever saw you when you were here, i now miss you guys so much. it feels a little empty here now …
    BUT looks like it’s super fun where you are … make sure you have some good bubble baths in that huge swimming pool of a bathtub!!
    Once I have your # i have questions about how you got into White Otter Lake that summer … we did not have much luck with it …

    Hi to Grae and the boys for me.

  2. Cathy says:

    Looks like the boys are having fun camping out in the new house even though they were sick. How’s Jaska adjusting to the new neighborhood?

    I hardly ever comment on your blog but I have been a regular reader since I stumbled upon you all back when you got Jaska. The boys sure have grown. Good luck on your new andventures at your new home.

  3. Donna says:

    I am glad you are there safe and sound. Your home looks beautiful. Go ahead and start making memories (sounds like you have plenty allready)

    Enjoy this exciting time of new beginnings. (In between lives daily chores and unpacking boxes)

  4. heather says:

    hi ang … good news… you’re not as far as i thought you would be…. according to mapquest… its 620.66 miles from my place to yours and if we could plan a destination reunion some time, it would only be 310.33 miles each…. i’m excited… we’ll definately be seeing you sooner than later……
    take care and have fun enjoying your new digs… looks great!!!

  5. Annie-pier says:

    HI ANGIEEEEE woowwwww that is so great you finnaly went in your time to move! woowwww I was sure that you could do it! that is so great!!!! So It seems like the house is really good and also that GABE learned to BIKEEE wowwww lots of things had changeD!!! that is great it’s for the best! give me some news!! -xxxxx-

  6. Robyn says:

    So good to hear you are safely there. Your house looks great! Now you’re halfway to our new house (that we don’t have yet…) 🙂
    I am going to watch for you on skype…i’d love to chat sometime. I know it will probably be hard for both of us to be there at the same time…but I’ll watch for you.

  7. megtroy says:

    Wow, the house looks great!!! Can’t wait to see it with furniture in it too. I’m so happy for you guys Ang, especially that you’ll have your Graeme on a regular basis now. Keep the pics coming and good luck settling in. The boys look at home already.

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