Getting Close to the Move


  • On Wednesday evening Zach got a bad headache and started puking
  • I contemplated not having my garage sale since I’d have sick kids
  • this contemplation brought me huge relief
  • no other kids got sick
  • I canned the garage sale anyway
  • got lots done in those garage sale prep./garage sale days that I would not have gotten done if I went ahead with it


  • we’ve been harvesting all our worms to try to sell most of them off and transport only what we need to get going again at the new place
  • Noah put one in his mouth and it was squirming around out one corner of his lips
  • big brothers wanted me to give him another so I could take a picture of it
  • I was tempted, but in the end never did


  • every day “very exciting” things come into the house from the garden
  • they are accompanied with, “Mommy, this is very exciting! I have….(fill in the vegetable of the day)…” at which point they are dramatically pulled forward from their hiding place behind Zach’s back
  • I’m praying for no frost until a few more tomatoes are at least starting to ripen, and then a deep frost just before we leave to sweeten up the parsnips.  Is that asking too much?


  • Jaska knows something is happening.  He has to stay in the van if the boys play in there…. just in case they drive off without him – never to return


  • no surprise, but playing in boxes is a hit
  • keeping them from turning the boxes into other creations until after the move has so far been successful
  • playing in boxes is so much fun that Ben had to invite Alex into his “house” when she visited



  • Zach turned 8!!!! years old!
  • In that much time again he will be 16!
  • that’s crazy
  • Grandma Sandy came on Z’s birthday
  • Grandma Betty arrived this morning to stay until the big move day
  • A friend that I haven’t seen since I was eighteen spent the night last night with her husband and four children
  • No, we were not reunited on Facebook
  • It was lots of fun!
  • Kids had a blast!


  • Toby is cutting molars
  • He’s been up and in my bed all night for the past two nights
  • I’m tired
  • I’m happy
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5 Responses to Getting Close to the Move

  1. el burro says:

    Happy Birthday Zachary! Wishing you lots of energy for all that needs doing, Angie. Good luck on the move…and good for you for nixing the garage sale.

  2. megtroy says:

    I love the way you laid this post out. And that “That’s crazy” deserved it’s own line, ha ha. Funny about the tempting worm shot too!

  3. megtroy says:

    P.S. Good luck with all the loose ends you have to tie up before you leave, I can’t wait to see the pictures of your new place!

  4. Donna says:

    Been thinking of you lots as I just closed up camp and it kind of resembles moving. Not as exciting to look forward to heading home and begin the cycle of taxi cab driver/play group organizer/keep the house functioning all with no pay.

    This is the first year I have no children all day. It is a good thing GST is auditing me so I am so busy I can’t be depressed.

    I am pretty sure by my fourth baby I would have given him the second worm….You are a better girl for not giving him the worm.

    My fourth baby who is 7 now is sleeping on my floor because he has to hold a hand in order to fall asleep.

    I sent your package to your London address. I did not put any kind of note in it. I am so sorry for that but if I spent a second putting a note in their it may have not gotten to you.

    Hang in there kiddo. Enjoy God’s grace through this event. All things are possible through Him but none are possible through our own strength. Focus on Him and the task will be a delight. I am following my own advice while I am trying to unpack, sort closets of clothes that are too small, and find tax returns for the GST by the 15th. All I can say is “Lord lead the me the very next step I should take” Sometimes I cry too. I miss my friends and have gone on house/phone arrest so I can meet this deadline.

    Love you all so much
    Donna D.

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