Blue Lake Trip ’08

We had another great Blue Lake camping trip this year.  Despite being completely unorganized (especially in the food department), we had a really good time.  Thanks to everyone who came!  It was great to spend time with family and friends.  We barely saw our own two big boys.  They spent most of their time with their friends – three nine year old brothers – biking, exploring, collecting, chess games, catching toads, and playing “grounders” on the play structure. Thanks to the triplets’ mom, we usually didn’t even see our big boys at mealtime, except for a quick check in to tell us they were “eating at Loretta’s” – again.  By the end of the trip I was missing them, but it was so good for them!

Sometimes the group expanded to include even more kids – like when they played “monsters” at night.  It turned out that the boys far outnumbered the girls, and one evening it was at least seven boys terrorizing one girl.  The mother of this girl and I decided to join forces with her and scare the boys.  The “monsters” (boys) gave us twenty seconds.  But not really.  They started following us immediately so we weren’t really able to get a good hiding spot.  They found us.  There was much roaring and other ghoulish sounds and next thing we knew we were being reprimanded by another camper who had a sleeping eighteen month old.  Not twenty seconds into the game and our fun was over.

The first couple of days and nights were cold and wet.  One night got down to 7° and we wore either hats or hoodies – hoods up – during the night.  Then the skies cleared and the rest of the trip was beautiful.  On the last night I was reveling in the thought of how, with everything being so dry, I could pack it up and leave it like that until our move.  Around 3am (I’m guessing…. I didn’t look at a clock the entire trip) I woke to rain.  I got out of the tent to at least take the towels off the line so that they’d be useful in the morning.

One of the highlights of the trip was that a special friend from Winnipeg was able to catch a ride up for one night with some other campers.  It was our little friend Nivida.  She seemed to very much enjoy her first taste of camping!


There are a ton more pictures on Flickr.  Check them out if you wish.

Flickr Collage

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  1. Oh my god I’m in some of these 🙂 I remember this!

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