A Few Selections

The beginning of the trip……..

One of Toby’s favourite beach activities.

Zach testing out Auntie Joanna’s kayak.  He loves kayaking.

I love this shot.

Morning gathering around our fire.  The boys did a lot of fire lighting.  It was neat to watch them experiment with different fire starters.  They all became quite efficient at it by the end of the trip, and last night Zach started a fire by himself in our yard for roasting supper.

This was another highlight for me…. the potluck supper before people started having to leave.  It was quite a spread…. including a roasted ham, fish, chickpea curry, corn on the cob, and much more.

Another favourite beach activity.  The constant outdoor life was so good for Noah.  He always wants to be outside so it was perfect for him.  He goes, goes, goes.  He rarely stops moving except for sleep.


Pine cone fight.


Pizzas on the BBQ in terracotta plant pot bottoms.  Tip: oil them really well the first time they are used.  The second batch came out perfectly.


A fairly pathetic lean-to, but still…. not bad for my first try and a less than desirable arrangement of trees to work with.  The tarp was a gift from Mom and Dad for Christmas last year and I was excited to try it out.

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One Response to A Few Selections

  1. Joanna says:

    I love the pics Angela!! We looked at all of them tonight, the kids are waaaaay too cute!! 🙂 I miss you guys already:(
    Your LiL’ Seester!

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