We Miss You, Annie

Photo 3442.jpg

Here are the boys making “sad faces” for missing Annie.  We dropped her off at the airport yesterday afternoon.  Last night at supper Zach said, “It just seems strange without Annie here”.  And it does.  For three short, fast, full months she was part of our family.  Our little family feels even smaller, and I can’t help but wonder, who will be the next addition?  And in what capacity?

For now I have plenty to keep me busy.  Graeme is arriving in two days and we’ll head out camping for a week!  I’m trying to block out the thought of what follows: two and a half weeks to wrap up a move, a move that I’ve barely even begun preparing for!  Yikes.  Better to just get it over with though.  I’d rather have two insane weeks and be done with it.

I better get going….. I’m supposed to be starting some naturally fermented dill pickles with Zach, and after that we’re making red currant raspberry jam!

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One Response to We Miss You, Annie

  1. Annie-Pier says:

    Hey! hi everybody!!! I miss you so much too! I had succhhh a great time with all of you guys and I showed some pictures of my trip so my familly and they just say that you guys are sooo great!! -xxxxxx- keep in touch for ever!!!

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