Going Somewhere


I have to say, I was pretty impressed with myself today. We are leaving for an overnight adventure tomorrow morning and we were nearly all packed before our friends arrived for lunch today! It made the “parents’ night” for the end of VBS more enjoyable, too, since I didn’t have such a long list swirling in my mind while we were there. Obviously, a lot of credit goes to Annie because having her helping certainly makes preparing for a trip a lot easier! Thanks, Annie! Well, we are all really excited about our little adventure. We’ll post the details when we get home! And a special thanks to M. and family for taking our dog while we’re gone!


The two big boys attended a Vacation Bible School on Monday to Thursday evenings at a church just down our road. They had a lot of fun, learned some cute new songs, memorized some new verses, and made some really cool crafts. They met new friends and were a little disappointed to think that they won’t be able to attend next summer. However, maybe the summer after we will not be living too far away and will be able to attend.

Dogs Here’s Jaska and his buddy, Jet, who also visited today. Jaska will be hanging out with Jet for a couple days starting tomorrow morning.

And the post would not be complete without some critter picture. A grasshopper depositing eggs into the driveway!
Laying Eggs

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One Response to Going Somewhere

  1. el burro says:

    Oh my. That picture of the boys lined up with their backpacks is ……and here I’m searching for the right words….adorable/beautiful/too cute/inspired…..anyway, I just love it.

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