Two Mornings


Ben Snake-Tamer playing with his black mamba (surgical tubing exercise band).

sleepy bees

Sleepy bees unable to move or fly until the sun warmed them.  They were at the mercy of my camera!


A grasshopper that didn’t seem much more active than the bees.


The ritual morning inspection of the garden.

frog strip 1
frog strip 2

And the latest critters living in our house.  I think it was two days ago that Mike, our neighbor, phoned to say he had a tree frog.  He knew the boys had a tank all set up and were looking for one.  Then yesterday while Zach was adding new plant life to the tank he found another.  They are cool pets.  It is neat to see them change colour!  I think Annie is the only one that has seen them eating so far.

That was all yesterday morning. This morning was much different.  I headed straight to the city – not a thing I love – to take advantage of my last day to run errands without the kids.  Annie is here for a few more days, but each of those days is full of plans for various “fun stuff” activities.

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