Up to Today

DSC_0069.jpg On Thursday we had a play date with some friends on their hobby farm for the morning. We went from there to more friends for lunch and to leave the two big boys behind for a couple of hours. While they were playing a game in which they were discovering imaginary animals, including snakes, they found a real garder snake. Zach sketched this picture of it in his nature journal when he got home.

He also showed me these caterpillars on a birch tree in our yard.DSC_0035.jpg


After supper Zach set up a vivarium with frogs in mind, so we all went out frog and toad hunting. We found two toads. We were really hoping for a tree frog, but so far we don’t have one.

Chrissy arrived around midnight with her two munchkins. Once they were all settled in and I was drifting off to sleep I heard a tree frog out my bedroom window. I went out to try to find it, but it stopped croaking so I didn’t have an audio trail to follow.

After a slow start the next day, we eventually got out to Red Rock Folk Festival. It turned out to be a lot of effort and expense for what we got out of it. I can’t even tell you the name of a single artist who was there. That’s how much I got from it musically. We heard about two songs. That’s when the first rain came. We got to a shelter just in time. Chrissy pulled out bubbles she had brought which provided entertainment for our kids and many others. After a little stroll and some time at the playground we set back up by the main stage, preparing for the evening concert and supper.


That’s when this…….


….rolled in. We watched it approaching – fast – as we hastily packed up our things. There was a unanimous vote to call it a night and head home earlier than anticipated. We wished our friends well who were spending the night in the campground, and we sped off for the van. We got everything loaded just in time. It was quite a downpour!

Saturday was quite relaxing. We enjoyed a BBQ at friends’ in the evening. When we came home our water didn’t work. I re-pumped the pressure tank (with a bike tire pump). In about one and a half hours it wasn’t working again. In the morning Chrissy and I took turns re-pressurizing it. It lasted about five minutes. Not even long enough to fill all the containers we were planning to fill. So we filled them at our neighbors.

Merrie and her kids were over for supper and the kids are having a sleepover. They are all (except for Noah) sleeping in the family room. Now that we finally killed the mosquito that was bothering them I think they will sleep.

After this I have three days with nothing planned. Not exactly nothing, but no outings, no visitors. I am determined to keep it that way. I have to start planning our move sometime. Oh…. and getting our water running again.

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