Tuesday and Wednesday

DSC_0040.jpgTime is flying! I still don’t have any packing done.  We’ve been having a lot of friends over and visiting lots of friends.  Last Tuesday we had friends over.  It was a hot day so after lunch we set up the sprinkler.  That is when Toby discovered that the sprinkler water “chases” you! (See below.)


Our friends stayed until some other friends arrived for supper.  We ate a quick supper together, and – thanks to Annie being willing to watch two extra kids – Michelle and I went kayaking for a couple of hours!  It was my first time kayaking.  I really liked it but I was a little nervous about how stuck I felt in it.  It seemed that if I tipped over I’d be stuck in there.  The guy that took us assured me that I would come out.  So off we went.  It was a lot of fun.  Surprisingly, my sorest muscles were in my hips and legs!

The next day was the first day in a while that we didn’t have any plans.  We did some crafts……



….. until our neighbor called to say he’d be extracting honey in fifteen minutes.



It was delicious! You can’t beat honey fresh out of the hive.  The same honey carried home and eaten isn’t quite as good.

I didn’t pay too much attention to how much honey Ben was eating.  He was like a little bear cub.


But when we got home I realized that he must have overdone it.  He threw up and learned first-hand the truth in the Proverb (25:27) – It is not good to eat much honey.


As usual, Noah tried to find a job to do.

Later the little two boys were napping and the big boys and I went last minute to a nearby farm to pick red currants.  We hadn’t picked much when some serious looking, dark clouds blew in.


The rain gushed down and we ran into the house.  We didn’t have quite enough for a batch of jam so the farm owner added some to our bucket and mashed them to make sure we’d have the two cups.  Now we’re on the lookout for five cups of raspberries

Thursday to Sunday update to follow….. sometime…. maybe…….

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One Response to Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. Paisley says:

    that is the funniest picture of Noah running away! First introduction to sprinkler = scary!!

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