We had another Great Gathering of Friends last night, and once again it was lots of fun.  I’m especially happy that Graeme made it home for the weekend.  All the Airmiles flights were gone and the tickets were too expensive.  But Graeme kept watching the prices and they dropped enough that he snagged a ticket.  Unfortunately, he had to return tonight because tomorrow’s rates continued to be too hefty.

The party last night was so much fun, yet it made me feel sad to think that I’m leaving all these great friends behind for two years.  But I know two years will go by really quickly and we’ll be back!  I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met in the past year. (I holed up as a hermit the first year and really didn’t start meeting people until just after Noah was born.)  We love this area and will look forward to returning to the great Ontarian North, but you, my friends, will make our return even more exciting!

If I can manage, I’d like to have one last party before we leave.  My August calendar is looking pretty full, and already I’m not sure where I’ll squeeze in the packing, but it’s a golf ball thing.  When it comes down to the crunch, I know I’ll get it all in boxes – even if I have to pull a couple all-nighters.  Besides I have offers of help from moms and friends – to pack, to clean, to take my kids for the day, to drive with me to the new place.



The hot spots to play this time were in the dog kennel and on the roof of the wood shed.


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One Response to Party

  1. grandma betty says:

    glad that Graeme could make it home ok–what a nice surprise. SEe ya tuesday afternoon—gwandma—great pics of Toby being a toddler

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