What’s Going On Around Here?


Some people are eating chalk.


Others are picking flowers and making the house pretty to sell.


Friends are visiting and observing the ongoing paper-making project.

DSC_0014.jpgDead green bees are being discovered.


We are spending the nights in the gazebo.

DSC_0038.jpg Only Zach, Gabe, and I slept there the first night, but the next night and last night Ben joined us as well. I think tonight I will sleep in my own bed, though. Perhaps we’ll go back to the gazebo tomorrow.


We released our tadpoles a couple of days ago. We saw this dragonfly on the way. There were also golden ones. Our poor tadpoles were obviously lacking something because their development was very delayed.


Here is our soaking paper, some “slurry”, and the blender that now lives on the deck.


Beautiful handmade paper! We are all hooked on the art and craft. There are so many things to try!


DSC_0063.jpg Like letting the cat walk on the paper and making prints! That was unplanned, but it gave us new ideas of other things to try!



Here are the three boys ready for a late bedtime in the gazebo. They wanted to wait for me to go to bed in there and I had some phone calls to make and other little tasks that had to be done. Finally, they were all tucked in. That’s when I went out to the garage to take some garbage and check on the cat and found……

Gemma and her new brood of four kittens! Of course, that meant everyone out of bed! Exciting times!


There are a lot of gaps in my story. I’ll try to fill them in sometime soon. For now…. Gabe and I are going to bake some cookies because we want the oven on to warm up the house! Oh, but first we are moving Gemma and the babies into the house.

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3 Responses to What’s Going On Around Here?

  1. Chalk looks good like it would taste pretty good, but discovering dead bees are much better than discovering live ones.

  2. el burro says:

    I’m looking forward to making paper this summer too. I’ve been meaning to do it for several summers now. Yours look great!

  3. grandma betty says:

    just what you needed—more kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the house of insanity continues on its joyous ride—see ya soon–me

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