Fur Traders

We found ourselves back at Old Fort William only three days after our first visit. We saw lots of stuff we didn’t see last time and there is still a lot more we haven’t covered. The Fur Stores was definitely the hit this time. We also spent a long time in the Canoe House learning all about building birch bark canoes until a man came in with his big wooden box of skull models. That was also a highlight. He had beaver, wolf, deer, saber tooth cat, mastodon molar…. to name a few, and he spent a lot of time explaining things to the kids. At the very end we went to the farm where a few of our crew tried their hand at milking the cow. Toby and I were busy checking out the lambs and piglets, which I think was Toby’s favourite part of the day.










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2 Responses to Fur Traders

  1. Krista says:

    The Fort needs to hire you to take promo shots for them. These are some of the best Fort shots I’ve ever seen (particularly 2nd and 3rd.) LOVE!

  2. megtroy says:

    Toby still has that round little baby face, what a cutie. I love the piglets, that’s adorable.

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