A Catch Up Post


Toby, my little cling-on.


Clay beads and pot from clay collected off of the recently flooded river “beach”.


Flesh eating beetle on the remains of a rabbit carcass.  Jaska had the rabbit and it looked really fresh, so it was presumably caught by him.


Something a little prettier than rabbit carcasses and flesh eating beetles!


Chickweed salad.  We weeded all the paths yesterday and I found this chickweed.  The smell of it took me back to childhood when my dad taught me it was edible.  It was the smell that made me quite sure it was chickweed, but I looked it up just in case.  I tossed a little balsamic dressing on it and it was delicious!  Now we’ll be out looking for more chickweed…..just as soon as it stops raining and we’re no longer huddled around the fireplace!


Chickweed close-up.  These flowers are very, very tiny.


The pot and beads were made several days ago by Zach and Annie.  With a fire in the fireplace today, it was the perfect opportunity for “curing”.  This is our first experiment in primitive pottery.


Annie looking at an edible plant book, Noah tearing tissue paper, Zach tending his pottery, Ben – I don’t know, Gabe still recovering from a recent illness.  All the boys were out of commission for at least a day, but Gabe seems to be taking the longest to get well.

In other news, we’re preparing to move!  I’m trying to get a little done every day…. a box or two to the garage sale pile, a box or two packed, scouring Kijiji for rentals, discussing the latest news with Graeme on iChat in the evenings…….. it’s keeping me busy.  I’m very thankful to have Annie here.  I prepared for the last move with Graeme in B.C., me pregnant, and no help – all in a couple of months.  This should seem like a breeze!

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4 Responses to A Catch Up Post

  1. megtroy says:

    Mmmm…that salad does look delicious!
    The rabbit carcass…not so much. 🙂

  2. el burro says:

    I love Noah’s shiny blond head. He’s like all of your boys….beautiful.

  3. Stacey Mennie says:

    Noah looks adorable and his face has really changed, like he’s getting older. The pottery experiment looks like a lot of fun. I would have loved that as a kid!

  4. grandma betty says:

    he looks more like Benjamitavitamin all the time—-I heard from Grae that you won’t be moving till October—that works out ok too as I will be down there the first week of october to help if you need it—–glad that Grae can come camping–hope the weather improves as so far, it has been the pits!!!!!!!!! bet

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