Wild Yard, Flowers, and Friends


This is our yard after two weeks away from home.  Things got kind of wild!


Floral arranging by Zach.


A boy and his dog.


A boy and his sword.

Below are pictures from our bonfire party last night.  Since my birthday in April we’ve managed to pull off my once-a-month-invite-everyone-potluck-bonfire goal!  It’s been fun.  Last night was also an “au pair” party.  We had three au pairs here, including Annie.  There was good food, great friends, biking, badminton games, basketball, tag, soccer, walks, and laughs.  Thanks again to everyone for coming out!





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2 Responses to Wild Yard, Flowers, and Friends

  1. megtroy says:

    Yikes…that grass looked mighty long! Maybe you should have borrowed a cow from someone, ha ha. 🙂 I see Graeme had his “yard taming” gloves on too. And did Zack fall off his bike in that picture??

  2. Angela says:

    Yeah, you should see the back yard now! It makes this picture look tame. Thank goodness Mom is coming up tomorrow with her mower tractor (and my three nieces!).

    Yes, Zach did fall in the picture. He fell just as one of his friends started to say, “Wow, you are really good at biking. You haven’t even fallen once.” He wasn’t hurt.

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