I’m a Sucker

DSC_0033.jpgThis little gal was found by people we know and she needed a home. The vet said she was “possibly pregnant”. We picked her up and I’d say it’s more like “definitely” pregnant. After a couple of names that Graeme and I flat out rejected, the boys came up with Gemma, a name that Grandma almost named her dog. I think that might stick. Gemma is hanging out in the garage away from the dog and Tiger Stripes. We are pampering her in there and hoping that she trusts us well enough by the time she gives birth that she will allow us to attend.

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One Response to I’m a Sucker

  1. grandma betty says:

    oh noooooooo—just what you needed especially if you plan on moving soon—ohwell, goodluck with the menagerie–that includes the kids.

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