The Rest of the Trip


A couple of days before leaving Moose Point and heading East and home, Graeme asked us if we wanted to attend a BBQ that was being thrown in his and another graduating resident’s honour.  We accepted the invite.  Heading west, we spent a night at my brother Josh’s, had a fish fry with fish that my brother Stephen got up at 5:30 a.m. to catch them for me, and unexpectedly saw all of my siblings!  Added to that I saw my cousin from New Brunswick (with her two girls) and my cousin from Indonesia and one uncle!


The next morning we visited my grandparents and then headed off to the big city.  By the time we got there it was supper time…. a late supper… and we ate at an old favourite eating spot – The Old Spaghetti Factory.


Here’s Toby checking out the snowy owls at the zoo.


It was a full weekend of visiting and checking out some of our favourite places.  Of course, we couldn’t see everyone that we would have liked to see.  As it was, we already were having really full days!  We had wonderful, generous hosts who made us feel so at home and welcome in their home.  Thank you!

And, finally, the BBQ that we went to the city for.  The kids spent hours in the pool.  Toby was ticked off that I wouldn’t just let him go free in the water!



The whole trip was so great and so “meant to be” – to sound cheesy.

Graeme packed up his apartment into a U-Haul and we headed home on Monday.  We made a pit-stop in Dryden, of course, and picked up our dog.  (We picked several ticks off him before getting him in the vehicle.) He rode with Graeme.  The  yard went totally wild in our two weeks of absence!  The cat was fine and happy to see us back.  The tadpoles are bigger but still no legs.  And now we are attempting to settle back into some kind of routine again.

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One Response to The Rest of the Trip

  1. meagan says:

    What a full 2 weeks! That’s the way I like it too. I wanted to comment on how big Toby is looking! (so mature)

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