Photo Heavy

Tonight I did a little catching up on friends’ blogs, and I thought I’d try to do a little catching up on my own.  It’ll be a very picture-heavy post.


The flight into Moose Point Lodge.


The best picture I got of Jaska (lower right behind a stump) and a bear (upper left in a tree).  We took him to this spot to see his reaction.  I knew the bear was there before we landed the boat because he was doing his “huffing” sound.  He chased after the bear and it went up a tree.  When we realized there was another young bear (which Jaska faced and it made a wide circle around us) we decided to get out of there before Mama Bear showed up!


Evening around the campfire.


Ben helping Mom in the kitchen with scalloped potatoes.  He loved helping in the kitchen and the girls were so patient finding things for him to “help” them with too!


Some of the staff.


Ben helping dry dishes.


My domain.


On the last morning, and the first nice day, we went out fishing after I was free from the kitchen.  Uncle Stephen drove a boat and I drove a boat and we fished for about one and a half hours.  We all caught at least a few fish each.  I (with Ben’s help) wound in a 27″ walleye.  We had lots of fun.




I love this picture of Annie and Sarah.  Annie caught the fish and Sarah held it for her for the picture.  It flopped out of her hands and all over the boat and Annie changed her mind about having the picture.  But we forced her into it anyway!




Then while we waited for our plane these guys provided some entertainment by pulling Uncle Stephen on the kayak!


That’s Zach out in the kayak.  He loves it!


Jaska and Willow soakin’ up their last few minutes together.


And the flight out.


Our original plan was to head home after this part of the trip, but we ended up heading in the opposite direction and being away from home for nearly a week longer than expected.  I’ll save the next part of the trip for tomorrow.  It’s already way too late for me to be doing this.

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4 Responses to Photo Heavy

  1. goodbear says:

    is that a karelian bear dog? so pretty!

  2. el burro says:

    I can see why you love it up there….the picture of the dogs nestled together was so sweet…

  3. grandma betty says:

    that was the cutest pic of the two dogs. If you go up there agin next year, please let me know way ahead of time cause Darryl said he would fly me up anytime. Little Toby and I had a wonderful time bonding at 4 am , he must have had a nightmare , then woke up and wondered where he was—-you had moved around quite a bit. Anyhooooo—he fell asleep on my shoulder, then I made a bed for him on the floor and he lasted until 7am at which time, it was all over. He was so cute, standing by the sofa, looking at me like :who are you again???????” If your plans change for the camping week because of moving, give us a heads up so we can cancel too—also, if you want, I can take the last week of Aug off and help you pack and clean up—just a thought—-hope Graeme has a safe trip on the road–love to all—ma

  4. stacey says:

    I love all the photos and stories about Moosepoint. We have such good memories there. Say ‘hello’ to the Devenports from Les & I. Looks like you all had a lot of fun (and hard work too!).

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