Here are the menus from the last two suppers. A lot of the recipes we use here are from the Blueberries and Polar Bears Cookbooks, which I highly recommend. They are full of great recipes. All of the titles with an asterisk are from those books (the names may be slightly different – I’m not looking at the book right now). It’s good to be reminded of a lot of these recipes. I’ll make them at home, but most will be altered to have less sugar, more whole wheat flour, and goat dairy! (Iris, the Oven Fried Rice recipe is in the original Blueberries and Polar Bears book. If you don’t have it I can send you the recipe, or post it.)

Strawberry Spinach Salad*
Fresh Bread
BBQ Honey Garlic Chicken*
Len’s Herbed and Spiced Potato Wedges*
Drumstick Cake*

Turkey Noodle Soup
Fresh Bread
Baked Potato
Triple Chocolate Cake*

Pizza for staff

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2 Responses to Menus

  1. Iris Lyndaker says:

    Unfortunately I do not have the cookbook. Maybe I’ll have to get myself one! In the meantime I would appreciate if you could give me the fried rice recipe….thanks! I’m sure you are relieved to have your nanny there while you are so occupied in the kitchen. Means you can just enjoy the boys when you have some spare minutes. Nice.

  2. Leeanna says:

    OMG I think I want to come for supper. Sounds so good!! Maybe its all the cravings I am starting to get..:)

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