To date…..

Second day in the kitchen and all is well.   After twenty loaves of bread, two carrot cakes, one blueberry pudding cake, wild rice soup, tossed salad, BBQ ribs, spaghetti and sauce, two fifteen pound hams, oven fried rice, scalloped potatoes, and veggies, warmed up leftovers for lunch, croutons and I don’t know what else….. I feel like I never left.

My baby wanted me a lot yesterday and cried whenever he caught sight of me but I had to leave.  Today he was much happier with the arrangement.  I am taking my afternoon break a little earlier than I used to so that I can spend some time with him before his afternoon nap.

I wish I had pictures for this post, but I don’t have time to set up the uploading on this computer.  I really have to round up my boys and get them to bed. It’s changeover day tomorrow, so breakfast is at 6:00am for thirty plus guests and how ever many of the eleven guys (workers) who want it.  I’ll post pics when I get back home.

Annie-the-nanny continues to love it here.  Jaska is a great camp dog and causing no trouble whatsoever. It’s a good life for him here. The boys, as always, are enjoying every minute.  Uncle Stephen is here now, too, so that makes it all the more fun.  We miss Graeme.  That’s the only downside.  And we aren’t having any luck with video chatting.  I think the connection might be too slow.

Anyway, I must go and drag my children away from the fun they are having and force them into bed, so that I can follow.  Unfortunately, Noah doesn’t seem to want to sleep past 5:30, which means Annie has to start her day really early.

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4 Responses to To date…..

  1. el burro says:

    I can’t even fathom being able to prepare that much food. You go girl.

  2. Paisley says:

    i miss moose point!
    i also hear that i might see you this weekend?? yay!

  3. Angie says:

    Are you still in the windy city? I guess we could see you then. Imagine that… I have to go all the way back there to see you now that we live in the same place!

    I guess that answers my question about whether or not you could check on the house over the extra days we’ll be gone.

  4. Iris Lyndaker says:

    Hi from my quiet little corner again. =) (I may not say much but I read your blog very regularly!) I don’t know if you give out the recipies you make at the camp but I’d love to know how you do the oven fried rice. =) If you don’t want to post it public you could always email it to me. =)

    And yes, that is an amazing amount of food for 2 days. Wow. You must be completely dead on your feet by evening. Please tell me you don’t have to wash all the dishes as well.

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