State of Emergency

Where to begin? On Friday morning we woke up to rain. Lots of it. And it had obviously been going on for a while. It was before 8a.m. when I drove to the city in a torrential downpour to go to my sister’s graduation. I’ve never seen rain come down so hard for so long. Driving through a flooded patch of road it crossed my mind that I might not make it home if the rain continued. But no, I had seen it like that before and it was fine. Besides, there are several routes I could take home. Traffic moved slow as the rain pounded down. I left my sister’s grad, ran a few errands, and started hearing tales of firemen helping people out of vehicles, road closures, etc. By noon our township was declared in a “state of emergency”. Two other nearby villages were evacuated. To make a long story short, after a lot of phone calls and talking to the people at the barricade, I was on my way back to the city to meet up with my mom, sister, her boyfriend and his mom. We booked a room. I got my hair cut. Might as well make good use of being stranded in the city. We went out for supper. I started making phone calls to find out who had a breast pump I could use. Finally, I heard news that sounded hopeful. I might be able to make it home. At 10:30pm I was home! Mom came to pick up her stuff and her dog and returned to the room in the city. The rain forecast for the following day could prevent them from leaving and they were already stuck here a day longer than planned.

The boys were in good hands here with Annie. And they were all in good hands with our neighbors, who once again went above and beyond the call of duty. I felt a lot better knowing that they were stranded out here, next door to my family!

The first thing we did yesterday morning was drive around looking at the destruction. After that we spent the day emptying out the basement, which had accumulated four inches of water. The worst news was that Graeme had stored a few boxes of textbooks down there recently until his upcoming move. Many of them are destroyed and as you may guess, neurosurgery texts don’t come cheap. Oh well. They are just books. Some people have their homes and loved ones swept away in floods. Thinking of that, our disaster is minor.

I would have much rather been stuck out here for the day of the rain. I would have been getting as far as I was able in every direction photographing it while the water was high.



The first thing the boys wanted to check out was the falls. It made the high water last year look like a trickle!


All those black mats are asphalt.

The next two pictures were taken by Barb and Mike.



Here are some more pictures from the area.

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2 Responses to State of Emergency

  1. Meagan says:

    Wow…amazing what water can do isn’t it? Those are some fantastic pictures.

    One part of the story made me giggle though…that it takes a state of emergency for a mom of four to be able to get her hair cut, ha ha! That’s definitely what it feels like sometimes…

  2. Robyn says:

    What a crazy story! Why didn’t you just stay at the hotel for the night? šŸ™‚ Oh yeah, nursing baby. Well, as much as stuff like that is a pain, isn’t it kind of fun too, in a way…just for some excitement. šŸ™‚ Basements flooding are NOT fun though, I know from experience. Glad everyone is okay.

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