This is What We Do to Ticks

It happened. We found ticks. I took two off of Jaska yesterday. They were both in the same spot. One had fed, one had not. Here they are…… I worn you….. it’s pretty gross

Warning: Not for the Squeamish or the Tick-aphobic (this warning is particularly for my sister, who, if she sees these pictures will likely never read my blog again).


Slow, steady pressure…. off he came…. with a big chunk of poor Jaska’s cheek.  Poor dog wouldn’t come near me for a while after that.


The tick sees a beautiful, white light at the end of the tunnel.  Wait a minute…. that hurts!


We took turns roasting it with the magnifying glass.  Gross, yes.  Morbid.  Yet somehow so satisfying.


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4 Responses to This is What We Do to Ticks

  1. Meagan says:

    I made Troy look…. I didn’t have the guts. He said “Yeah…it’s pretty gross, you probably won’t want to look.”

    Merci for the warning!

  2. paisleytrusdale says:

    well done! That’s not the first thing to lose it’s life to a magnifying glass on that well! We used to melt all sorts of things there! I’ve never seen a tic all engorged before … it is pretty gross … but cool at the same time. thanks for showing the pics!

  3. suzanne says:

    oh boy! I can’t believe you roasted the ticks! Nasty. Great photos of them though and the spider! Glad you got home safe after the flooding. We were watching the river closely too – it was higher than we’d ever seen here. Good news – the sump pump works and the river didn’t rip away any trees or the deck. Thank goodness we didn’t put the dock in a week ago!

  4. Donna says:

    hey angie this is sarah that tic is cool and gros but it was cool because i have never ever seen a tic like that and tell zac gabe ben and noah i say hi and i miss them

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