A Reason for Cake

DSC_0014.jpg The boys started out the morning by making “colourful stories”, as Gabe said, on the fridge.

It was dark and damp outside, which almost came as a relief.  I needed a house day, a day to stay cozy inside.  It seemed to be a kitchen day. We all spent a lot of time in there.

I first got Gabe in there to help me prepare lunch.  He seemed to be causing a lot of trouble with his brothers, so as I often do in such cases, I called him to my side to be a helper.  This worked its usual magic and he cheered right up.  One by one, everyone ended up in the kitchen wanting a job to do.


Since it was Annie’s birthday today we had a great reason to make a cake.  Everyone did their part (except maybe Noah who crawled around getting into trouble…. he must have been feeling better today!), and then were all rewarded with something to lick!



Here’s the cake!  Triple Chocolate Cake with Crunchy Buttercream Icing (Skor Bar!).  Mmmmmm! Yum, yum.


And finally, singing “Happy Birthday”!

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4 Responses to A Reason for Cake

  1. johnpreiss says:

    Hi Nice Blog my wife and I are expecting #4. It is nice to see you working and enjoying your children. God Bless

  2. johnpreiss says:

    Hi your site say 39,300 hits how do you find out hits, hits are different than views right??

  3. Angie says:

    Hits and views are the same thing. You can find it in “sidebar widgets” and add it to your sidebar there.

  4. johnpreiss says:

    Thanks I am new at this Blogging stuff


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