Two Days of Pictures

The place where Zach can often be found now…. in front of the tadpole (and many other little critters) home.


More of yesterday…. a nice hot day.  Gabe tying his shoes.  Ben and a big ribbon.



And more from yesterday …… playing in the dandelions.


We got all of the transplants from Zach and Chrissy in last night. Toby helped. Just in time for the frost anticipated tonight!


Of all the places these two could play, they seem to have to be right under my feet when I get them breakfast.  Maybe they’re just really hungry and want to make sure I don’t forget.


Gabe’s lizard.


Maestro! Doesn’t he look so tall in these pictures?  Yeah, I know he’s standing on the saxophone case, but still…..



Work on the ant formicarium.  One of our queens died and we released the one that kept her wings.  Hopefully the remaining queen will lay eggs!  Now we just need more Plaster of Paris and we can finish the ant farm.

Toby has a pretty bad cold right now.  Poor guy.  He’s had a rough month.  He was just recovering from his surgery (on May 1st) when he got a bad cold.  When that one seemed to just clear up he got another, and now he’s come down with a third.

That’s all for tonight.  I’ve got to get some sleep!

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3 Responses to Two Days of Pictures

  1. paisleytrusdale says:

    seems like fun stuff is happening at your house (not a new thing, I know) but it makes me miss you more! Can’t wait until later this summer when I’m home. I need to hang out, and meet Annie too! Do you think Donna and Brad need 2 camp family doctor residents and a camp neurosurgeon this summer so we can all go up there with you??

  2. Donna says:

    yes paisley we need 2 camp family doctor residents and a neurosrgeoun on staff. There is lots of “brain injuries” up here. Doug S. is sill here. Is there such a thing as a neuropsychosurgeon, we really need a few of those to remove parts of the brain that cause people to act non-normal (can’t think of the word) Sorry I am dumming up your blog.

  3. grandma betty says:

    beautiful picture Gabe—keep up the good work—grandma b

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