Last night Annie and I decided that we wouldn’t go anywhere today…. it would be a low-key, relaxing day after a very full week that vanished in a wink. Around 9:30a.m. one friend called and it was decided that she would drop her two kids off after lunch. Just before lunch another friend called to ask if she could come for a visit with her two kids. Everyone left shortly before supper time. Everyone had fun. I don’t know if it was exactly “low-key” and I don’t know if any day is ever relaxing around here, but it was fun. When I talked to Graeme on iChat he said, as he often does on days like this, something like “Well, you have what you always wanted…. the go-to place, where people like to drop-in.” And it really is what I’ve always wanted. Thanks for coming, friends!

Before anyone arrived we all went on a little walk. I wanted to show everyone the old house I found on one of my walks. After that we finished setting up our tank for the tadpoles to be transferred into. You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) how much time Zach spent today watching the aquarium and making all kinds of discoveries: what a snails mouth looks like, copepods, caddis fly larvae, water mites, etc. etc., and drawing some of these thing into his nature journal. Here are some pictures.



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3 Responses to Drop-in

  1. Stacey says:

    The old house looks like a fun place to play and dream about what once was. I loved playing in old houses as a child. What fun!

  2. beverly burnell says:

    My Dad or Barb can tell you the history of this house and the family that lived there. There is a funny tale about the boarded up windows. It has collapsed a lot since I last saw it. So glad you and yours are enjoying my old stomping grounds.

  3. Angela says:

    I’ll have to ask about the house story! I have a tent question for you, too. We just set up the one you gave us for the first time…. I’m not sure if we got it right. It’s standing! I’ll email some photos.

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