Grandma, this is the last post and all of these should keep you busy reading for a while!

Well, this brings us up to yesterday…… a beautiful, sun-shiny, filled-to-bursting day. I can’t exactly remember it all at the moment…. I just know it was non-stop activity….. learning about topographic maps, weeding, nature journals, planting raspberries (thanks to Mike who tilled the garden and Barb who dug up and wheel-barrowed over the canes), hanging laundry, mopping, wiping the doorway down with vinegar (destroying ant scent trails), playing outside as late as possible in the evening, and discovering three queen ants just before bedtime! Now we must get the formicarium ready soon. The exciting thing is that there was one with no wings, one with one wing, and one with two wings. The one-winged ant lost the other wing shortly after we caught it. Wing loss is a sign that the queen has been fertilized. Surprisingly, I don’t have ant pictures yet. They are sure to come.



Let’s see…. today….. rain all day, piano student in the morning, ant wing and puff-ball spores under the microscope, collecting frog (toad?) eggs, granola, and Annie’s first bread making lesson!

DSC_0065.jpg DSC_0068.jpg

Kneading and later, the part everyone loves, punching down the dough!

What else can I say? I know there is so much that some of you want to know. Annie has been here for one week. The week blasted past. I can’t believe it’s been a week, and yet Annie fits into our family so well it is hard to believe she’s only been here one week. The boys love her and she is so patient, calm, and easy going. We are falling into a good routine and I know that it will get even better. Already we have a great system of morning exercise where she goes out first, early, and as soon as she returns I go. I have exercised more this week than I have for about two months combined (if that). It feels great. We have had one French lesson, but we are aiming to get that happening regularly beginning this coming week. There are so many other things I could talk about, but it is late now and I think Annie’s bread is cool enough to bag up. Then it’s off to sleep. She loved making the bread, but when I suggested she could do it as often as she liked she was concerned that she might be taking away from me something that I really enjoy doing. Yes, I do enjoy making bread, but after the thousands of loaves I have made I really don’t feel like I am being deprived. So it is settled and she is going to become a bread expert over the summer! Besides, it is so much fun for me to teach her!

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One Response to Thur/Fri

  1. Meagan says:

    Wow, I had more than a page to read when I logged on to your site….you’ve been very busy!!
    Sounds like you’re having a great time with Annie in your household now, that’s fantastic, I’m happy for you. Enjoy your time together! Some time I would like to get your bread recipe if you’re willing to share it. This was such a scattered comment, I apologize (blame sleep deprivation!)

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