The “Guys” Trip

This is going back over a week, but here it is – finally.  The boys and the dog and Graeme all had a good trip to the cabin.  At almost midnight on Friday night they returned.  Zach was wide-eyed and full of exciting things to tell me.  First, he almost plowed right past me at the door because he was so excited to meet Annie (au pair), but she was already sleeping.  Graeme carried Gabe in and told me that Gabe had slept all the way.  Gabriel roused himself enough to lift his head off of Grae’s shoulder and, in the perkiest voice he could muster, say, “I didn’t sleep at all”.


I love Jaska’s expression in this photo.  I’m not sure why he is tied up here.  Maybe it’s because he was obsessed with catching (or digging out) a chipmunk and wouldn’t stop his yipping.  They tell me that Jaska loved it there.


On the left Zach is entering in his nature journal and on the great fisherman stands beside his fish, the only lake trout caught.  As he whispered the story to me while he was slipping into bed, my mouth started to water for a second thinking of eating fresh lake trout, but then he told me they ate it for breakfast at camp.


Grandma B. and Gabe greeting the fishermen.

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