It was mighty quiet around here for a couple of days.  I read lots of stories to Ben, played games, built puzzles, answered his questions, and enjoyed having conversation with him alone.  We also made a freezer paper stencil t-shirt (which I’ve been coming across all over the blogs…. just Google it) and this is what we ended up with.




It’s still a little wet in the above photo.  I wasn’t happy about how the paint soaked around the stencil.  I think it’s because we used fabric spray paint and it’s more runny.  If you didn’t know that it’s not the look we were going for you would probably think it was meant to be.  Either way…. Ben loves it

On top of that, I felt like I had tons of time to get some other organizing done that was long pressing on my mind.  It’s funny how when Gabe and Zach were the ages of the two dudes I had at home, it seemed really busy.  Perspectives shift.  I could hardly believe how easy it was.  Personalities make a difference too.  And Ben is a breeze when he doesn’t have older brothers bossing him around!

On Friday morning the three of us headed to the city to pick up Annie!

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