A Few Days at a Time

DSC_0015.jpg When we greeted Annie at the airport Ben gave her a big hug. It was nice that Ben had the day to spend with her before his big bros got home. The big brothers were very excited to meet her on Saturday morning. The talked and talked and showed her all the interesting things they could think of (which is quite a lot!), and they played badminton. We also had Zach’s violin lesson, I gave K his piano lesson, it was the day T came to do the modeling magic with Ben, and we (adults) listened to a mock trumpet audition for a good friend.


The next day was full as well. Graeme was preparing to leave and I can’t remember what else made it full, except that in the afternoon we all went to a birthday party. Everyone had a great time and once again the world was revealed to be very small to me. I had just read about Aradhna on Bonnie’s blog. Speaking to a guy at the party who lived in India, I mentioned these musicians and not only does he know them both, but he knows one very well and went to school with him in India! It’s one thing to discover that everyone I meet in this town is somehow connected to someone else I know, but this was a little more unlikely.

Anyway, the above picture is Ben after the party. He woke up enough when we got home to say goodbye to Graeme, who then headed off in his Mini. But then he crashed on the grass while I hung out some laundry.


Annie and Gabe drawing an ant hill (underground view).


The gang.


After a rainy Monday the skies cleared and this is what we spent the evening doing. As you can see, Noah liked puddles! (Don’t they all?) He didn’t seem to mind how cold it was.


We planted some garlic on this evening too…. in our “lasagna garden”…. the big experiment of the summer. Which reminds me, did I ever post anything about Zach’s stone garden path? I had something easier in mind, but he set to work on this:
Stone Garden Path - a set on Flickr He’s since been asking the neighbors where a good nearby source of shale is.


And while we were out enjoying the mud and the sun, Annie was inside doing the dishes! Don’t worry – we let her out to play too!

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3 Responses to A Few Days at a Time

  1. Stacey says:

    Yay for friends and for help. How long will your friend be visiting? Hope you have a blast.

  2. Angie says:

    Annie is our “au pair“. She is staying until around August 20th!

  3. Angela says:

    Ha ha! My own comment went to spam!

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