Road Kill Turned Science Experiment

Merrie and her kids found an injured snake on the road. They tried to nurse it back to health, but there was nothing they could do to save it. So she brought it over and after I gave K his piano lesson we all went out and had a little snake dissecting session in the gazebo. There are more “gross” pictures on Flickr, but I’ll only post these ones here on the blog. If you want to see them you’ll have to check them out on Flickr. I mostly have my grandma in mind, but I imagine there are other people that don’t love even live snakes, never mind inside-out ones!



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4 Responses to Road Kill Turned Science Experiment

  1. Robyn says:

    Can’t say I’d have any interest in joining you on that one…You guys have guts. πŸ™‚ How did Graeme’s exam go? Isn’t it hard to believe they’re done?!

  2. Angela says:

    I guess it’s not for everyone, but I’ll admit I was having a lot of fun! I felt a little greedy doing all the cutting, but I offered the knife (emphasizing that nobody should feel obligated if they didn’t want to, because I was quite enjoying myself).

    I know…. they’re done! It doesn’t seem all that long ago that they were getting into med-school…. in a way…. in another way it seems a lifetime ago. Time is strange that way.

    Have you planned your party? G will be back in the city on the 25th if it happens to be after that. (I’m inviting him for you.) πŸ˜‰

  3. Meagan says:

    First worms, then ticks and now a snake? Once again Ang… we are very different people. πŸ™‚ That’s one of the things I love about our friendship!

    Congrats to Graeme as well!

  4. Angela says:

    My worms are great, the snake dissecting was cool, but let’s be clear – I hate ticks!

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