Something Makes Me Sick

Warning: this post discusses vomit and diarrhea.

I went out with a friend last night. No kids. (But still with that nagging feeling of guilt and concern that I plan to completely discard on May 16th when Grae finishes his last exam!) We went to Chapters. Oh, I love bookstores. Then we were hungry so we went out for sushi, which was very tasty. I decided to head home right after that instead of hanging out a little longer for tea. It turned out to be a good choice. I started feeling bloated, followed quickly by nausea and a strange, tense discomfort in my mid to low back. The nausea worsened while I started experiencing mild shortness of breath. Overall I felt very uncomfortable. As I drove, working to keep focused, I prayed, “Please, God, just let me make it home. Let me get off this rainy, foggy highway with fast transports bearing down on my before I puke….. even if I don’t make it to my house….. I just. want. to make it. home.” By the time I turned onto our road I was actually feeling a little better. I got out and it washed over me again. My first thought was to head for the bathroom, but I realized I’d never make it (and it’s a good thing because it was occupied anyway!) and I stood there, rain beating down, throwing up off of the edge of my deck.

I had a very similar experience a few weeks ago when I ate out with Joanna and the big boys. The tightening in the back, the discomfort in my entire torso, the feeling of not being able to get enough breath (but not at all a feeling of the throat closing), and the nausea. Everything was the same except that last time I didn’t throw up. I felt close but it ended up coming out, quite rapidly, via a different route. It lasted longer that time too, so as much as I hate throwing up, I think it was better to get it out quickly. It was followed by a headache the last time too, but not this time.

My first thought was MSG, but I called the restaurants today. Both say that they don’t use MSG. The restaurant of the first occurrence gave me a greatly detailed breakdown of all the ingredients. Nothing jumped out at me. The second restaurant was less helpful. I will try to recap the conversation.

Me: Hello. I’ve recently had a couple of reactions to something I’ve eaten and I’m trying to pin down what it is. I ate there last night and it happened. I know the food was fine (and it tasted great!). I shared it with a friend and she is fine. However, I reacted to something.

Waitress: Ok.

Me: My first thought was MSG, but the restaurant I called where I had the last reaction doesn’t use it.

Waitress: We don’t use any MSG.

Me: I was wondering if I could get a breakdown of the ingredients in what I ate. I could call at a less busy time if this isn’t a good time.

Waitress: Yeah, it’s kind of busy. [But she proceeds to ask me what I ate.]

Me: [tell her what we ate]

Waitress: Maybe you’re allergic to wheat. A lot of people are allergic to wheat.

Me: I’m not allergic to wheat.

Waitress: There is wheat in the tempura. Maybe you reacted to that.

Me: I’m not allergic to wheat.

Waitress: Well, people can develop allergies.

Me: I eat wheat every day. I’m not allergic to wheat! I have a friend who reacts to yeast in certain preparations. She can’t eat some soya sauces. What is in the soya sauce.

Waitress: Yeah, there is yeast…. that would be a wheat allergy.

Me: [WHAT? Should I get my seven year old on the phone to explain that just because you put yeast into wheat to make bread yeast is still a fungus…. not wheat?] No, um…. [clearly I’m not getting anywhere with you] I’m not allergic to wheat.

Waitress: There is a hot sauce on the tuna on the Caterpillar rolls, but that’s just hot sauce.

Me: What are the ingredients in the hot sauce?

Waitress: It’s just hot sauce.

Me: But would I be able to get a breakdown of the ingredients?

Waitress: It’s just hot sauce.

Me: [Aaaaack!] If you look on the ingredients label it will not say “ingredients: hot sauce”. Maybe it will say, “hot peppers, something else, something else”. It won’t say “hot sauce”. If I come into the restaurant can I talk to someone about the ingredients. I really don’t want to have this happen to me again. That’s all.

Waitress: Yeah. If you come in we can give you the bottle of hot sauce to read.

Me: Thank you. Goodbye.

Oh, my goodness! And that is an EXCERPT of our conversation.

The mystery continues….. something makes me sick and I need to find out what it is!

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5 Responses to Something Makes Me Sick

  1. Paisley says:

    once you figure it out we’re going out for sushi again! you need to fully enjoy it! And I don’t want you to have negative associations with sushi!!
    Hope the rest of your day was good …

  2. Iris Lyndaker says:

    Sorry about that very unsatisfactory conversation….frustrating.

    I was wondering if you mind if I add a link on my blog to yours? Just wanted to get your permission.

  3. Angie says:

    I don’t mind at all. Thanks for asking.

  4. Meagan says:

    My…she was mighty helpful! Hope you can figure it out, how frustrating for you.

  5. grandma betty says:

    I have developed an intolerance to soy sauce—it is fermented and can cause migraines. This MIGHT be your version of a severe migraine as you can get vagal symptoms with a bad one—-I do—-we will discuss more when I see ya soon—feel better—bet

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