Snowflake of the Night

Inspiration struck late tonight and Zach just finished this up at 10:30pm. I can’t believe how interested he is in written music now. Yesterday I was at the piano and pointing at Beethoven’s Sonata Pathetique he said, “Can you explain all of this stuff to me?” He asked lots of questions and listened intently to the answers.

I was going to write more about this…. about this being yet another example reinforcing how well this child-led learning process works. But since my brain has obviously shut down for the night (it took me about five minutes to write that last sentence) I will call it quits. Perhaps I’ll try again tomorrow. We shall see.

In case you can’t read the lyrics they are:

Snowflake of the water, snowflake of the night,
Snowflake I wish you didn’t have to leave.
When you melt away, sorrow I’ll receive.

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