Too Country?

On Saturday evening we took the whole family to Pierre Schryer’s concert in the city. We parked a block away and the boys started trotting along the sidewalk. Gabe stopped in mid stride and exclaimed, “What is that?” He was pointing to a parking meter! Ok… I tried not to laugh too hard. Zach expressed his own worldly knowledge by letting us all know that he, at least, was old enough to remember what parking meters were from when we lived in the city. Thirty seconds later he gasped, “That car just drove over the sidewalk!” It had turned off of the street to drive into a parking lot. Do I need to get my kids out more? We do go out. Just not usually to places with parking meters and sidewalks.

The concert was fantastic. Pierre is a great musician and the guitarist, Andy Hillhouse, was excellent. We’re listening to him on a CD with Jaime RT right now. It’s beautiful. Andy played and sang Beeswing, a Richard Thompson song. Graeme said it’s his new favorite song, but that didn’t stop him from changing the lyrics to “She was a rare thing, hurt like a bee sting”. (Original: She was a rare thing, fine as a beeswing.)

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2 Responses to Too Country?

  1. megtroy says:

    That’s hilarious! Graham does the same thing when we go into the city. He stares and stares at people of other races, totally uninhibited. Same with elevators, it’s almost like an amusement park ride for him!

  2. Angie says:

    Oh yeah! Elevators and escalators! Whenever we go inside the airport (and I usually arrange it so we don’t even have to get out of the van) the kids want to go on the escalators….. going up is fine, but then they are scared to get on at the top of the down escalator! Last time we all went in to pick up Graeme he took three kids up. It was quite a scene watching them all try to come back down! šŸ˜›

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