Follow Procedure

I’m not going to post the pita bread recipe…. yet. If you have Extending the Table you will find it in there (page 51 in my copy). It says there that it’s not so much the ingredients that matter but the procedure. So here’s the procedure.

Preheat oven to 450°. Heat cookie sheets in oven; it is important to place dough on hot cookie sheet. Carefully roll rounds of dough, turning a quarter turn with each roll. Do not stretch, puncture or crease dough. Place on hot cookie sheet. (Tester recommends baking on upside down hot cookie sheet on bottom rack of oven. This advice we followed.) Bake 3-4 minutes until puffed and set. Turn over and brown 2 minutes more. Leave cookie sheet in oven for next round. Roll rounds as you cook them. Don’t roll them all out in advance. Cover with a tea towel after removing from the oven to keep them soft.

A couple of ours didn’t puff up. Maybe I stretched them while rolling or something. I don’t know. It was our first attempt at pita.

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