Don’t Fall in the Toilet

Ben is only beginning to go pee by himself. I am not complaining since it was only a few months ago that it looked like an impossibility that he’d even be toilet trained by this time. He is doing great at staying dry and clean and has even hit the point where I don’t have to be the one to remember for him. He tells us when he has to go. He often gets caught off guard a little when he needs to poop, but even that is happening less often and in smaller amounts. So as long as he’s doing that I don’t mind having to assist him at the toilet. Especially considering the difficulty he seems to have. There are a lot of steps to remember in having a pee by one’s self! You have to lift the seat, pull down your pants AND your underwear. You have to (if you are a boy and standing up) making sure your penis isn’t stuck down. You have to make sure you are right up to the toilet.

I was surprised at supper the other night when Ben declined my offer to go with him to pee, mostly because earlier in the day he had already had a traumatic experience and peed all over himself. Before he ran off I asked him what he had to remember. He very sweetly repeated all the steps. Off he went. After a short period of silence a wail came out of the bathroom. I ran to his rescue and couldn’t figure out how in the world he’d peed all over his left arm! At last, he got the words out, “I fell in the toilet!” He was wet up to his left shoulder. I guess we forgot to remind him of one step: DON’T FALL IN THE TOILET.

Poor Ben. He is so frightfully clumsy. It is not uncommon for the boy to fall out of his chair at mealtime, to trip violently over nothing, to collapse in a heap when set down on his feet, to run into walls, or to fall right off his own two feet when he’s standing still! This doesn’t seem to deter him from standing on high, precarious perches! Or running around at high speeds. I am beginning to wonder if there is something I can do for him. Balance exercises? I don’t know. I’m hoping that the wiring will catch up to his body size one of these days. Lately, Zach and Gabe have had some uproarious laughter over some of Ben’s crashes. This upsets Ben, rightly so, but I have to admit it is sometimes hard to suppress my own laughter. It’s sort of like watching Three Stooges.

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3 Responses to Don’t Fall in the Toilet

  1. Joanna says:

    Kind of like the 3 stooges…but there is only 1 stooge!!! I love little Benji boy!

  2. megtroy says:

    Poor Ben, how traumatizing!!! I too fell in the toilet, but was much much older, and it was much much more embarassing. I feel his pain!!

    We should really write a book! Betweeen all the stories on these parenting blogs, we’d have more than enough material! A bestseller for sure!

  3. grandma betty says:

    I have to admit I had LOTS of toilet stories witht he 3 boys, but this one takes the cake. Perhaps he needs to wear a life jacket in the house!!!!!!!! Tellhim that I fell in the toilet a few times too when certain men in the home forgot to put the seat down and I goofed at 2 or 3 in the morning, half asleep. The joys of raising guys—love , me

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