Fox Mating Call

When our dog, Jaska, gets howling like his wild, lupine ancestors it is one of three things: wolves, lynx mating calls, or fox mating calls. Last night it was the fox.

First you will only hear it and then I got the flood light out and you will see it. Jaska was eager to be let loose on the fox. The animal hiding behind a forked tree is Tiger Stripes the cat. Then you’ll see Jaska looking for the scent trail. It was a busy animal night. The next time the dog was barking and I went out I could smell skunk. Neither of the pets got it, so maybe it was the fox’s unlucky night.

I hope to get the lynx calls on video too, but I need another adult in the house in the evening. The lynx don’t come as close so I’ll have to try to get closer to them. I have no desire to try to get closer to the wolves when they’re howling….. even if it was possible.

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