Haiku Supper

The boys are big into rhyming. So at supper time tonight I suggested we make up some non-rhyming poems (for something different) and I introduced them to the “rules” of haiku. It was a hit. I told them that we could bend the rules, but the older two were pretty determined to follow the 5-7-5 pattern. Here are some of the results. Poems without a named author are group efforts.

pushing through the snow
yellow faces seek the sun
lilies growing up

slushy snow is melting
streams of water washing down
pouring on the ground


dark blue
one grasshopper
hopping along


splashing in puddles
I am playing in the breeze
the trees are waving


the bugs are crawling
we are looking for ants
and they bite


the sun is setting
casting shadow over land
it’s time to go in


sinking golden ball
shadows reaching for the east
goodnight friends goodnight

song sparrow singing
birds are coming back to spring
kingfisher coming


nona visiting
we are shoveling along
to give her dry land


icebergs floating past
racing water down the stream
chased by my shovel


shovel off the ice and the puddles
so nona can get across


Do you notice a theme? They built a canal today to drain all the water off of the parking spot so that great-grandma has a dry path to the house when she visits in two days. Maybe I’ll post pictures of that later, but for now I have to haiku my kids off to bed.

Why not? I’ll post a picture now.

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One Response to Haiku Supper

  1. Robyn says:

    I love the one about giving Nona dry land. That’s really cute. And good poetry.

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