Home Building: Nearing Completion


We’ve been working on this project for a while.  If I had more time to help with it we would have been finished by now.  Zach has done a lot of the measuring, squaring, and most of the cutting with an exacto knife.  He has learned how important it is to use a square when building and to have precise measurements.  He designed the floor plan.  My only suggestion was having the upper level open up to the lower level where the stairs ascend.


It really took shape today when we attached the outside walls.  It was very exciting for Zach.


The little tab sticking out of the floor on the front is where we have yet to add a sun-room.  After that it’s the roof.  It was built so that the upper level is removable.  The roof will be removable as well.


Admiring his handiwork!

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4 Responses to Home Building: Nearing Completion

  1. megtroy says:

    This looks great, what a patient kid to stick with something like this.

  2. anitz says:

    That house is awesome! We did this a long time ago, too, but with girls we had to wallpaper and all… we used nifty gift paper and decoupaged the walls with it! Lamps and curtains and all!

    You have brought up another project to mind to do with the boys…

    Oh, we did a fun one last spring: Pirate bowling pins! I will post the “how to’s” soon! (I can ping you for that, so you know when… it will be with picutres so you do not need to be able to read German!)

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  4. el burro says:

    That’s unbelievable Zachary! It looks so real!

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