Easter Eggs




I started this post before Meg left this comment:

This comment is about the Easter Eggs in your Flickr photos. They are beautiful! How did you get them to look all speckly? And sparkly? Did you use rubber bands for the design part? I love them, nice job!

I’ll finish the post with a how-we-did-it and get it published.

The night before decorating I boiled a kettle of water and diluted Wilton cake decorating colours in about one cup of water with two tablespoons of vinegar. I also blew out over a dozen eggs. We had friends over and she brought boiled eggs. We coloured both the boiled and blown eggs in the same dye. The boiled eggs came out all mottled and spotty. The blown ones had a smoother texture. We used elastic bands to get the rings and other line patterns on some of the eggs. There are no sparkles.  The kids just kept dipping eggs in one colour and then the next and the next.  It was amazing to see all the colours and patterns that came out!  I found myself, two days later, blowing out another dozen eggs for my boys.  We’ve been eating a lot of scrambled eggs!

I should add that we are saving all the colourful shells from the boiled eggs.  I dried them out a bit in the oven and we are planning to do some egg shell mosaics with them.  Save your shells! I’ll post pictures of that project when we get around to it.

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6 Responses to Easter Eggs

  1. Meagan says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m going to give it a go with Graham and my 2 nephews this afternoon…heaven help us! 🙂

  2. leeanna says:

    Happy Easter, the eggs were beautiful. Love: Doug, Leeanna, Autumn, Julianna, and Jayda:)

  3. el burro says:

    What gorgeous eggs!

  4. anitz says:

    those are awesome eggs!

    And next year, this is what you can do with some of those blown out eggs… (freezable) Microwave thin egg sheets!

    Luckily you have this blog so all you need to do is return to this posting in about a years time and re-check that link!

  5. Angie says:

    That looks neat. Thanks. It will add some variety!

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