Beautiful Days

Yesterday: Big boys and I went skiing with a friend and her son, while my friend’s mom watched my other two boys, along with her granddaughter. We did a 4km loop, stopping for a drink/snack break about half way. Beautiful day. Fun times. Would love to get them out there a couple more times before the snow goes.

That’s Gabe way up the hill.

The break.

When we got home Ben had to show me how he looked in his friend’s shoes!

Today: called to ask when we could take up an offer for a horse drawn sleigh ride.  We were invited over to play with some boys who were already visiting.  I declined, saying I would wait for the horses.  She said, “Just walk away.  You have to learn to just walk away.”  I got off the phone and told the boys.  Of course, they wanted to go, and I was thinking over her advice.  It was the best advice.  We decided to go and it turned out we got the horse ride too.  It was another gorgeous day, and everyone had a fantastic time.

Riding sleds behind the horse sled.


The big boys did a lot of falling off of sleds and running to catch up.

Noah soaked it all in.  He loved the horses and the dogs.

Leaving their place I stopped to take pictures of this turkey and he really frightened me.  When I hopped out I was worried I would scare him off before I snapped a picture.  It was more like he scared me back in the van!  He puffed all up and “gobbled” at me.   Whichever way I went around the van he would go the opposite direction to face me off!  And he was huge!

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One Response to Beautiful Days

  1. Robyn says:

    that skiing looks like so much fun! I wish we could have joined you. This time of year always makes me want to have a winter picnic.

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