And Everyone Else


Squeezing orange juice.

Four leaf cutter ants (use your imagination).

Food colouring spray bottles in the snow.

A side note…. the note to self about a babysitter is because I NEED TO FIND ONE!  Yep, I need a helper.  Not because I want to get away from my kids, but because I want to have more time to spend with them.

Filling a form for snow sculpting.  I found myself out filling another at 10:30pm when I realized how hard this one was already.  Plus, I was thinking of my perfectionist eldest son having to share a block of snow with his not-so-perfectionist younger brothers!




It was a whirlwind of activity around here today.  Not that it isn’t everyday.  These photos are just a little taste.

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2 Responses to And Everyone Else

  1. Donna says:

    Hey girl,
    Brad and David made it home safe and tired last night. David was a joker and tried to slip away from my hug. Fyi David is 14 Zack is 7. 14/7 is 2 you are half way there. It goes stinking fast.
    After spending 10 days on my own I am so thankful I am not a single parent. I was running on fumes in the end. The slightest sass sent my head spinning . Talk about no patience or tolerance.
    Anyway…I admire you so much. Get that babysitter before your head spins.
    Donna D

  2. Angela says:

    I’m going to seriously work on finding a helper. I think it’s good advice. I had some good suggestions today as to how to go about finding one, or names to call, etc.

    The fact that Z is half of David’s age is enough to make my head spin! And the first half went by SO fast!

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