Quietly Listening and Waiting

I have a couple of extra kids tonight. They all wanted to sleep in the fort (indoor fort!). It seemed that whenever I walked out of the room things would get noisy again, and all except one fellow actually wanted it to be quiet and wanted to go to sleep. So…. here I sit, quiet as a mouse, listening to things becoming quieter. Less tossing, no whispering now, and one by one, more sonorous breathing. I have a lot of things I could be doing and, I think, soon I will be able. But while I wait I decided to try out Google SketchUp (it’s free!). It is incredibly cool! There is a bigger learning curve than I have time for tonight, but if you want to see some of the amazing stuff other people can do with it check out the 3D Warehouse.


Today is the first day since getting home (six days ago) that I feel like there might be some hope that I will eventually get a handle on things again….. eventually!  What a week.  I can’t seem to get even moderately “caught up”.

Well, things are sounding very quiet in here……. I think it’s safe for me to go off and putter around the other rooms, fill the furnace, and…. could it be? …. actually have a few moments to sit down and read?

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